About Us

At St. Paul Floor Care we pride ourselves on extending the life of your floor, saving your money in the process, and keeping your floor looking great. Within the Twin Cities and Midwest area, St. Paul Floor Care is determined to have your floor looking “good as new” after each job is completed through our knowledge and experience with flooring. For over seventy years, St. Paul Linoleum has furnished and installed commercial floor covering throughout the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest. With the knowledge gained over those seventy years of flooring, St. Paul Floor Care has been able to grow into an experienced, professional, and trustworthy contractor.

A planned floor care program will maximize the appearance and longevity of your floor. Investing in well-maintained floor has an extremely positive impact on your organization from the top down. As a charter member of StarNet, we utilize the most advanced chemistry and innovative equipment in the industry to deliver quality care at each job site. At St. Paul Floor Care, we take pride in having each organization feel that their flooring is clean, healthy, and long lasting after we have completed our work.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Once your flooring is installed, St. Paul Floor Care is the best maintenance program to uphold the appearance and longevity of your carpet.

Vinyl, Resilient & Rubber Floor Care

With the use of our three coatings we will be replacing your traditional wax, adding a resistance to scuff marks, and adding a slip resistance coating that will prevent many spills.

Ceramic Tile Grout & Stone

With the service of St. Paul Floor Care, your dirty, filthy bathrooms and walls will have top notch appearance and a cleansing smell when we are finished.

Commercial Upholstery

With our attention to detail, we pride ourselves on providing superb results when cleaning your upholstery.