1.How often do manufacturers recommend professional cleaning?

Once every 7-8 months a cleaning is recommended to keep your flooring on a pace of a long-lasting life./p>

2.How do you work around high traffic areas?

After designing a plan for the facility and determine the high traffic area, we elect time periods during the day in which it will be most convenient for us to perform our work.

3.Does cleaning carpet make my carpet soil faster?

Soil is everywhere, studies in our industry show that 94% of the soil in any given facility is tracked in from the outside.

4.Do you guarantee removal of all stains?

Even with the heaviest stained floors, our chemistry and innovative machines have been able to overcome countless detrimental stains in many facilities.

5.Why do prices vary between different carpet cleaners?

Many variables need to be accounted for when pricing floor cleans, but when working with St. Paul Floor Care we can guarantee that our top priority is your cost savings.

6.How will you guarantee customer satisfaction?

We guarantee customer satisfaction through our professionally trained technicians and our innovative machines while using the proper chemistry for each facility.

7.How do I prevent soil from entering the building?

Stopping soil from entering the building is the key to a successful carpet program. First, sweeping sidewalks and entryways to keep soil off of the entrance. Second, outdoor matting is effective because they will absorb large particles, soil and moisture that might otherwise be tracked inside. Third, indoor matting is essential for wiping and drying shoes before walking on the carpet. Fourth, cleaning these mats will decrease the chances of soil bottling up on the mats and spreading.

8.How will you plan your cleaning while the building is being used?

At each facility, we take time to set up a cleaning schedule in which we identify the low traffic area, medium traffic area, high traffic area, and the preventative area. Then we determine how frequently to maintain each area, making it convenient for the organization to operate while we are there.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Once your flooring is installed, St. Paul Floor Care is the best maintenance program to uphold the appearance and longevity of your carpet.

Vinyl, Resilient & Rubber Floor Care

With the use of our three coatings we will be replacing your traditional wax, adding a resistance to scuff marks, and adding a slip resistance coating that will prevent many spills.

Ceramic Tile Grout & Stone

With the service of St. Paul Floor Care, your dirty, filthy bathrooms and walls will have top notch appearance and a cleansing smell when we are finished.

Commercial Upholstery

With our attention to detail, we pride ourselves on providing superb results when cleaning your upholstery.