Floor Care Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is one of the least expensive floors to maintain and when cared for correctly provides a healthy environment, clean appearance and lasting value. St. Paul Floor Care is certified by an IICRC (an international non-profit organization that establishes standards for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries), and uses chemistry and equipment tested and approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), and they are approved by more carpet manufacturers than any other floor care provider in the industry. We ensure that you will receive maximum use and minimum total cost of ownership from your carpet through our trained technicians.

Vinyl, Resilient & Rubber Floor Care

Maintaining the protective finish on vinyl or resilient flooring is key to its longevity since permanent scratches and damage occur when the finish is worn through. To avoid costly replacement and dull appearance, resilient flooring requires consistent care. St. Paul Floor Care offers a variety of high quality resilient finishes, including standard acrylic, acrylic fortified finishes, and semi-permanent urethane based coatings. St. Paul Floor Care also has non-slip finish options for resilient flooring. Without proper procedures, permanent damage can be caused by the use of high pH or acidic cleaners. St. Paul Floor Care partners with leading manufactures to ensure that correct procedures are fulfilled on both rubber and resilient floorings.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile and Stone

Ceramic and stone flooring such as marble, limestone, or quartz floor can be extremely attractive, but without maintaining grout lines and scratches the beauty of the floor may be wasted. A well trained flooring technician with the correct chemistries, pads, and equipment will keep stone floors looking great for generations. With our excellent options for deep cleaning of grout lines and ceramic, you will be extremely pleased with the outcome delivered by our trained technicians at St. Paul Floor Care.

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture in your facility attracts thousands of dust particles and debris everyday resulting in dull appearance and health issues. St. Paul Floor Care is trained in the proper chemistry, equipment, and procedures to bring the furniture in your facility back to a “like new” appearance without fear of ripping, pilling or bleeding dyes. St. Paul Floor Care upholstery cleaner does a great job removing stains and greases, ultimately, leaving you satisfied with clean, healthy, long lasting furniture.

Concrete Flooring Maintenance

Contrary to belief, concrete flooring is not “maintenance free,” the concrete may become dull in heavy equipment traffic areas, and wear patterns do evolve over time. Heavy salt traffic and strong acids wears on the concrete. St. Paul Floor Care has many solutions to prevent wear patterns and hazing by keeping it consistently clean.

Industrial Floor Coatings

Semi-permanent coatings and epoxy installations may require a higher initial investment but require less maintenance for lower total cost of ownership. The cost savings for investing in semi-permanent coatings and epoxy installations has noticeably became much more efficient in the last decade. Ceramic tile and grout, resilient floors and concrete floors benefit extremely from investing in industrial floor coatings. They can be provided with low or high gloss, color additives, or flecks to enhance the design of your floor. St. Paul Floor Care applies the highest quality to expand the life for your flooring.

Markets Served


As a charter member of StarNet, we bring top-of-the-line materials, unbiased recommendations, superior craftsmanship, and unlimited resources for any job at hand. With our training and resources, the care for your corporate office space with be superb. A clean, healthy environment improves office morale and productivity as well as making a great impression on clients.

Health Care

As a member of StarNet, we are required to be trained with the specific chemistries, equipment, noise, odor, and residue requirements for healthcare maintenance. Our EPA-approved products for hospital disinfecting and our semi-permanent coatings that reduce many costs, St. Paul Floor Care is your healthcare maintenance expert.


Hospitality facilities are unique challenges that take the right care and the right amount of time. St. Paul Floor Care is here to deliver the high quality chemistries that will destroy the grease and oil issues that are gathered in your facility. St. Paul Floor Care will work around your schedule, making the clean up times as convenient as possible for you. Our professionally trained technicians can handle all flooring types, regardless of their condition.


With our close attention to detail, we take pride in our cleaner, healthier, and more cost effective environments that we provide for our students and staff. St. Paul Floor Care will help give a welcoming environment for everyone entering the facility after our job is done.


As a charter member of StarNet, St. Paul Floor Care understands the requirements that government work demands. Making St. Paul Floor Care’s expertise more than qualified to deliver our cleaning service at your facility.


Industrial facilities can be a challenge with the amount of floors or wide range of the facility, but St. Paul Floor Care follows all the correct procedures with trained professionals formulating a perfect delivery with great results.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Once your flooring is installed, St. Paul Floor Care is the best maintenance program to uphold the appearance and longevity of your carpet.

Vinyl, Resilient & Rubber Floor Care

With the use of our three coatings we will be replacing your traditional wax, adding a resistance to scuff marks, and adding a slip resistance coating that will prevent many spills.

Ceramic Tile Grout & Stone

With the service of St. Paul Floor Care, your dirty, filthy bathrooms and walls will have top notch appearance and a cleansing smell when we are finished.

Commercial Upholstery

With our attention to detail, we pride ourselves on providing superb results when cleaning your upholstery.